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Poker Series 2022

Join North Texas Casino Parties and the Lake Tawakoni Regional Chamber of Commerce for a fun Night of Poker, with drinks and great food at Sweetwater Grill !

Register online or text Stacy (210-557-6063) to reserve your Seat!

$50 Donation to play - Order an entree at Sweetwater Grill and get an extra 5k in chips.

All donations go towards community programs and Chamber activity.

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Congratulations to the APRIL tournament winners:

Congratulations to the March tournament winners:

1st Place: John Gragson,  $500 Visa Gift Card

2nd Place: Stacy Earls,  Gift Certificate for a day of bounce/splash house from JARVIS JUMP

3rd Place: Kelly Drapelik - our reigning 20/21 Champion -  $100 Gift Card from Sweetwater Grill 

The first game of the 2022 season was a big success! Ltrcc was very excited to announce information for this year's Poker series leading up to the Tournament of champions in January of 2023.

The action was fast and it seems nobody wanted to be the first kicked out. However, as always happens in poker it finally started whittling down.

John Gregson, owner of North Texas casino parties, took home first place with a $500 Visa gift card. Stacy Earls made it to second place before John knocked her out with a river card that busted her two pair. She took home a full day bounce/splash house experience in the form of a gift certificate from Jarvis Jumps. Kelly Drapelik, out reigning 2020-2021 champion, took on third place and a $100 gift certificate from Sweetwater Grill. 

There were a lot of new players and quite a few returning. This year, if you bring somebody new or someone who hasn't played in the last 3 years with us, you receive a $5,000 bonus chip. We are also continuing the $5,000 bonus chip for eating at Sweetwater Grill between 5:00 p.m. and the end of first break. 

The second Tournament of the series is on April 21st and we're very excited to see this year grow even bigger and better. If you would like a reminder card for all of this year's dates please reach out to the chamber or Stacy and we'll be happy to get one to you. 


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The 2021 Champion is: Kelly Drapelik

Huge Thanks to Sweetwater Grill and North Texas Casino Parties for another amazing turney series!

We want to give a huge thanks to Sweetwater Grill for being the consummate host of our chamber Poker series for the last 6 years.
They are always quick to accommodate and the food and drinks are a favorite of all of our players. Everybody is excited when they win a $100 gift certificate to Sweetwater Grill for third place. 

Another huge thanks to North Texas Casino Parties for not only being our professional dealers but always willing to throw in the extras to make our prizes that much better! 


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Congratulations to all the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Winners of 2021!

Winners January 2020:
Mike Klomps
,1st Place
Brad Earls, 2nd Place
Casey Willis, 3rd Place

Winners May 2021:
Paul Mathers
,1st Place
Tim Caldwell, 2nd Place
Stacy Earls, 3rd Place

Winners July 2021:
Tracy Travers,1st Place
Dave Collard, 2nd Place
Stacy Earls, 3rd Place

Winners October 2021:
Stan Morris
,1st Place
Tracy Travers, 2nd Place
Kelly Drapalik, 3rd Place

Winners November 2021:
Karen Martion
Adam Slaughter
Brenda Davidson
Mason Maeker
Brandy Cockrum
Brandon Thomas
Randy Hunter
Brandon Gressett

November 2021,  Wild Card Tournament

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October 2021,  Tournament


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July 15, 2021, Summer Tournament


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Sweetwater Grill was alive Thursday night with the excitement of Poker and the hunger for our first place prize, a $500 Visa gift card!

The action was fast and the laughter was loud. Everyone had a great time! Our lucky winners we're all grins as they walked out with their bounty in hand.

Tracy Travers took first place as the winner of the $500 Visa gift card.
Dave Collard took second place and left with a gift certificate for an in-home poker game with North Texas Casino Parties.
The third place prize of a $100 gift certificate to Sweetwater Grill was Stacy Earls; that's alot of chicken strips to come for Stacy! 

You can't beat the action and fun at Lake Tawakoni Regional Chamber of Commerce's quarterly poker tournament.

The next game is September 9th. We hope to see you there!

May 2021, Summer Tournament


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It was an exciting night as old friends and new came together for the first post Covid Poker Tournament of 2021.
A long 14 months had passed since we last played, but it would be hard to tell with the fast action and fun everyone was having.

Don’t miss our next quarterly game on: July 8th.
Text Stacy at 210-557-6063 to get added to the reminder list or to sign up!

January 23, 2020 - full House at our first Poker Tournament of the year!


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Sweetwater Grill was packed when John from North Texas Casino Parties came in to set up 4 Poker Tables. A fun Night, with great food and 3 Happy Winners: 
Mike Klomps took 1st Place, with a $500 Visa Gift Gard
Brad Earls took 2nd Place, with an in-home Black Jack Party by North Texas Casino Parties   
Casey Willis, took 3rd place and a $100 Gift Certificate for Sweetwater Grill


Congratulations Joel Seitz - 2019 Champion! 

Joel Sietz with Seitz Fabrication - was our Champoin in 2019. Not only did he receive this CHAMPION pictured on the left, he also won $1000.

TOURNAMENT of Champions - NOVEMBEr 2019

Our Tournament of Champions was an exciting night as the top 3 winners from the four 2019 poker games competed for the title of “2019 LTRCC Poker Champ.”
Joel Sietz walked away $1000 richer as 2019 Champ as Tim Kimberell took 2nd place with a $200 
Sweetwater Grill gift certificate.
A huge thank you to North Texas Casino Party and 
John Gregson for their support and donation towards the final champion prize.
We also would like to thank Sweetwater Grill & Chris Young for allowing us their space, excellent service, and prize contributions. A huge Thank you to all our players through the last 4 years.
We can’t wait to see you in 2020 for the next game!

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